Simajhuleu Meeting Minutes 21 Apr 2011

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Discussion with Peter Waugh

Expressed skepticism towards NGO
Stated that report will go through TAC
 - The RWHS was not well understood before it was implemented and needs to be 
   described better.
 - Recommendations need to be technically correct in order to present to the
It is very possible to begin work in a new community on the same trip.  This
would require a pre assessment report to be filled out.

Discussed Pre-Implementation Report Schedule

Report Draft due on Thursday April 28th
Submit Objectives to Peter Waugh April 25th
Internal TAC Sunday May 1st
Revision Due on Thursday May 5th
Submit Report To Peter Waugh Friday May 6th
Conference Call With Peter the following week
Friday May 13th - Sunday May 15 Finalize Report
Sunday May 15th Submit Report To TAC

Subgroup Updates

RWHS - Sections Distributed already
Supply - Defined New Direction
 -Recommendations are used primarily as ideas.  If the Cocode asks for 
  specific technical advice regarding the recommendations more complete
  calculations will be conducted
Outreach - Went over Contacting Method
 -In order to get a message through to the village we will have to communicate
  with the Cocode and the NGO.  Essentially there is no one preferred form of 
  contact, and both need to be utilized to be successful.
 -New Sections to do for the report.  Program Background, Project Ownership, 
  Maintenance, and Monitoring.

Other Discussions

James will become the new Wiki Master
Three internal TAC members found thus far
Someone will need to facilitate meetings in the summer
Travel team will be announced in two weeks.