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Hello Hope, hope you are fine. I met Peace and she was able to answer the questions you had for her as follows:

1. That what water from the first flush can be used for watering the school flower gardens and school gardens. {For agriculture).

2. Since the buildings are near the road, we expect the dust to collect on the roofs and also the leaves from the trees in the compound.

3. It can be accessed easily. The roofs are estimated to be six meters from the ground.

My questionnaires. These are the answers: 1. I measured the roofs of the school buildings and they are as follows roof dimensions. There are five class room blocks (buildings which I measured.)

i. the first building. It has no fascia board.

  • it has 30 feet.

ii. the second building { has no fascia board}

  • it has 38 feet.

iii. the third building { has fascia board on both sides}

  • it has 41 feet.

iv. the fourth building { has no fascia board}

  • it has 30 feet.

v. the fifth building {has no fascia board}

  • it has 24 feet.

The building formats are not in that of Hope buildings but rather that of jjaajja’s house. It has only two sides where you can put the gutters as you can see in the pictures. The pictures I have named them in order e.g. building1, building2, building3, building4 and building5. I have tried to take more than one picture for each building so that you can pick one of your choices.

Lastly, the plastic gutters are sold in Uganda and we think they are the best because they can be easily cleaned and they don’t rust considered to the metallic ones. The teachers from Bugonzi welcomed the plan as you drew it.


Behind3.JPG Bugonzi b1.JPG Build1.JPG Build2.JPG Buildin2.JPG Building2.JPG Building3.JPG