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P-Card Purchasing Procedure

How To Use the Purchasing Card (P-Card)

  1. Student/Mentor seeking to purchase goods/services for EWB-USA UMN (hereafter referred to as Purchaser) fills out the U Purchasing Card Receipts Form word document. This document is then submitted via email to President, Vice President, and Finance Officer. Purchaser must send email to all three for transparency and thorough oversight from administration.
  2. Finance Officer approves/rejects anticipated purchase. Finance Officer delivers email response to Purchaser, adding Professor/Advisor Timothy LaPara to the email’s CC line and including U Purchasing Card Receipts Form.
  3. If anticipated purchase is approved Purchaser schedules a meeting to use the P-Card with Tim LaPara.
  4. PURCHASER IS TO OBTAIN A RECEIPT FOR THE PURCHASE. If the purchase is made online, Purchaser should request that a receipt be sent to their respective email ASAP.
  5. Purchaser should turn this receipt in along with the completed version of the “U Purchasing Card Receipts Form” to the CE accountants the day immediately following the day they made the purchase.


The CE accounting office also has a P-Card that EWB UMN has access to. This P-Card may be used if extenuating circumstances prevent the Purchaser from meeting with Tim LaPara. Talk to Finance Officer to communicate with accounting office.

U Purchasing Card Receipts Form

Reimbursement Procedure

Step 1: Before you make your purchase, check with a project lead or member of the admin board to verify that your intended purchase is necessary and can be reimbursed.

Step 2: Keep the receipt for your purchase.

Step 3: Go to the department of civil engineering website, office of accounting, forms page ( to find the reimbursement form. If you are a University employee, fill out the University employee form. If you are not a University employee, fill out the non-employee form. You don’t have to fill out the Vendor Authorization W-9 even if the reimbursement form asks you to.

Tips for filling out the forms:
  • Do not include taxes on the form. EWB cannot reimburse taxes on purchases.
  • Attach all receipts to the reimbursement.
  • Be as specific as possible. Detail who, what, where, why, and when.

Step 4: Place the reimbursement form with attached receipts in the Finance slot in Lind 109.

Step 5: Watch for an email from the EWB finance officer or from the Civil Engineering accounting staff. If something went wrong with your reimbursement, you will likely get an email notification. If you have any concerns about your reimbursement, please contact the EWB finance officer, Max Nagarajan ( Unless the accounting staff addresses you directly, please do not contact them about the status of your reimbursement. The finance officer will be able to help more effectively. If you have any further questions, please contact Max Nagarajan (

Cash Advance Information

  • This "how to" guide is courtesy of Delaney, and outlines the necessary procedures to obtain a cash advance.
  • This Spreadsheet is a template for use of keeping track of the cash advance. It is also courtesy of Delaney.
  • This statement is to be used if a receipt is not given for a transaction using the cash obtained from the advance. Again, thank you to Delaney for supplying this file.


Insurance and Waiver information

Appoint a Travel Coordinator


  • The travel coordinator must not be a traveler.
  • The travel coordinator will gather and retain all travel documentation and serve as a liaison between projects, insurance companies, the university, EWB, et cetera.
  • Gathers each set of forms together before sending them in en masse: knows who has submitted forms and how hasn't.
  • Ensures that the acting President (who may be the travel coordinator) has access to all travel information and team communications.
    • If both the President and Vice-President are travelling, or unavailable, an acting President must be appointed.
  • Distributes forms to travellers, not web links. In the past, it has been easiest to bring printed copies of forms to a meeting and get as many back as possible before leaving.
  • Safe guards scanned/photocopied passports.
  • Sends (prior to travel) summary e-mail to acting President including list of travellers and in-country contact information.
  • Securely disposes of collected forms and information upon the safe return of travellers.


  • Projects appoint their own travel coordinators.
  • If multiple projects are travelling simultaneously, a chapter-wide coordinator may be appointed by the Executive board.
    • This coordination will be to reduce load on Pagel and other supporters.
    • The chapter-wide travel coordinator is responsible for gathering and submitting documents from the separate travel teams.
    • Further duties may be delegated by the Executive Board.


  • Section 6 of the EWB-USA Sourcebook contains all EWB-USA travel forms and a travel checklist.
  • Adam Pagel with the IT Office handles all IT student travel and our insurance. Please turn your forms in to him at least 1 month before travel. Also, make it easy on him, because he is great and he makes this easy on us.
  • All UMN travel forms are located at as of 8/14/13.
    • This site can be reached via Home > Travel > Insurance > International Travel, Health, and Security Insurance for Traveling Outside the U.S. > Student Application

Members Submit These To Travel Coordinator

*Disclaimer: Please make sure the forms you are using are up to date* *It also helps to be logged into EWB-USA to access all the forms needed*

  • Each traveller, including mentors, shall submit the forms distributed them by the travel coordinator.
    • These forms include, but are not limited to:
      • 1) EWB-USA 608 Health Insurance Verification ( as of 8/14/13)
        • Regarding students:
          • All students will take the university's travel insurance, even if they already have their own.
          • Adam Pagel pays for EWB members' insurance. It costs him ~$28. This is a simple and cheap way to simplify this process while providing extra safety for travellers.
          • --
          • The insurance information on this form is to be filled out by the Travel Coordinator, not travellers. Travellers should sign, date, and return the form.
          • Alternatively, the policy number and information may be distributed to students. All students should use this information on their forms.
          • The relevant policy numbers may be obtained at as of 8/14/13 or from Adam Pagel. (Policy Number: GLM N0483530A as of 8/14/13)
        • Regarding mentors:
          • University policy does not cover non-university affiliates. At this time the chapter does not have a resource for such members. Non-university affiliates must obtain their own travel insurance.

Members Receive These

  • 1) Insurance Cards
    • The university will provide travellers with CISI insurance cards, typically to their e-mail account.
    • It is the travel coordinator's responsibility to ensure that each travel receives their card. You may need to be proactive about this.
      • On every trip taken so far at least one traveller has not received their card. The travel coordinator must contact the study abroad office to ensure that they have received coverage.
  • 2) Insurance Policy
    • The Travel Coordinator will distribute copies of CISI's UMN policy (available at as of 8/14/13) to all travellers.
    • Note that CISI is a reimbursement insurance. You must have sufficient funds to pay for your own medical expenses (typically this means having a credit card). Save all receipts and obtain appropriate documentation to receive reimbursement upon return.
  • 3) ISOS Cards

Travel Coordinator Submits All This

  • EWB-USA 608 Health Insurance Verification and 605 Volunteer Waiver for each traveller and 606 Emergency Contact Page are submitted to the Chapter Relations Manager (Ashley Templeton as of 8/14/13) prior to travel. These should be emailed to her neatly.
  • The UMN forms are submitted to the IT Travel Coordinator (Adam Pagel) as soon as possible to allow time to deal with insurance problems (at least 1 month prior to travel).

Members' Checklist

  • Submit (2 Waivers, 2 Insurances, 1 Health Checklist, 1 Passport - "WWHHIP")
    • EWB-USA Health Insurance Verification
    • EWB-USA Volunteer Waiver
    • EWB-USA Personal Health Checklist and Chapter Supplement
    • UMN Release & Waiver
    • UMN International Insurance Form
    • Scanned Passport
  • Receive
    • CISI Insurance Card (let travel coordinator know you received it)
    • CISI Insurance Policy Form
    • EWB-USA ISOS Card


  • I made an approved EWB-related purchase. How do I get my money back? Click here to learn how!
    • The information and files from the external link should be imported into the new wiki.
  • What should I bring with me? Check out the Guatemala Packing List

Member Doesn't Want Vaccination

Members may wish to avoid vaccinations due to health reasons or personal concerns.

  • In this instance, the member will provide the project lead or executive board:
    • The list of vaccinations they wish to avoid.
    • Any supporting evidence concerning what risk their avoidance will pose the travel team and the trip's success.
  • The project lead or executive board may approve travel in those instances where the travel team and the trip's success will be unaffected by the avoidance.
    • That is: those diseases which will cause difficulties during the trip may be grounds for refusing to approve travel.
    • Disease incubation periods will therefore be the primary determination in whether travel may be approved.

Plane Ticket Purchasing Procedure

Technology and Data

Picture Uploading Procedures

Pictures are housed here.

  • If you need to upload pictures and you have not yet set up an account, follow the link and click "Register" in the upper right corner.
    • Fill out the page to create an account and await administrator confirmation.
    • Once you have been confirmed, you may proceed as a regular user.
  • Log in.
  • Navigate to the album you wish to add photos to by clicking on the names of the preexisting albums. They are organized like this: Country>Trip>Name of Uploader.
  • If the album you wish to add photos to does not yet exist, you may create one by navigating to the album you wish for your new album to be in, mousing over "Add" and clicking "Add an Album". Please name your album according to the aforementioned organization system.
  • Once inside the album you wish your photos to be in, mouse over "Add" and click on "Add photos".
  • Click "Select photos".
  • Find the photos on your computer and select them. To upload multiple photos at once, hold ctrl/command and click on more than one photo. To upload many photos in a row, click the first, hold shift, and click the last.
  • Select open and wait for your photos to upload.
  • You may add a tag to all photos at once at the bottom of this upload window.
  • Select "Done"
  • Tag your photos appropriately. Useful tags include the following:
    • Location ex. "Bugonzi
    • System component ex. "First Flush"
    • Publicity label ex. "Community Member", "Teamwork", "Meeting" etc.
    • Phase of project ex. "Tank site leveling"
    • Activity ex. "Mixing Concrete"