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This page is under construction!

Picture Uploading Procedures

Pictures are housed here.

  • If you need to upload pictures and you have not yet set up an account, follow the link and click "Register" in the upper right corner.
    • Fill out the page to create an account and await administrator confirmation.
    • Once you have been confirmed, you may proceed as a regular user.
  • Log in.
  • Navigate to the album you wish to add photos to by clicking on the names of the preexisting albums. They are organized like this: Country>Trip>Name of Uploader.
  • If the album you wish to add photos to does not yet exist, you may create one by navigating to the album you wish for your new album to be in, mousing over "Add" and clicking "Add an Album". Please name your album according to the aforementioned organization system.
  • Once inside the album you wish your photos to be in, mouse over "Add" and click on "Add photos".
  • Click "Select photos".
  • Find the photos on your computer and select them. To upload multiple photos at once, hold ctrl/command and click on more than one photo. To upload many photos in a row, click the first, hold shift, and click the last.
  • Select open and wait for your photos to upload.
  • You may add a tag to all photos at once at the bottom of this upload window.
  • Select "Done"
  • Tag your photos appropriately. Useful tags include the following:
    • Location ex. "Bugonzi
    • System component ex. "First Flush"
    • Publicity label ex. "Community Member", "Teamwork", "Meeting" etc.
    • Phase of project ex. "Tank site leveling"
    • Activity ex. "Mixing Concrete"