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*[[Media:12-4-2013EWBAdminMeeting.pdf|18 Sept 2013]]
*[[Media:AdminMinutes9.18.13.pdf|18 Sept 2013]]
*[[Media:AdminMinutes9.18.13.pdf|18 Sept 2013]]
*[[Media:AdminRetreatMinutes2013.pdf|Admin Retreat 2013]]
*[[Media:AdminRetreatMinutes2013.pdf|Admin Retreat 2013]]

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Meeting Minutes

Mission and Vision Statements


Our mission is to support community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders. EWB-USA UMN inspires the local campus and Twin Cities community to realize the potential of science and engineering to change lives.


Our vision is a world in which the communities with whom we partner have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and that our student members have enriched global perspectives through the innovative professional educational opportunities that the EWB-USA Program provides. EWB-USA UMN envisions a community of students developing and applying various skills for the improvement of our world.

Administration - 2013-2014

Officers and Roles

FLB - Reed Saunders: "Lead first ~3 FLB meetings; facilitate election of chairs; and facilitate communication of tasks between admin and FLB."

Webmaster - Max Nagarajan: "Maintain and update website; actively look for out of date things to update; and publish Monthly Updates on website."

Events - Julie Cornell: "Communicate w/ Publicity or Project Resources about what is needed for event; midwest and International conference coordination; plan and carry out Spring Reception; plan on-campus, non-University sponsored events; set up other EWB-wide events and seminars; and organize general chapter meetings."

Recruitment - Anirudh Srivasta: "Plan on-campus, University sponsored events; communicate w/ Publicity or Project Resources about what is needed for event; plan Fall and Spring Open Houses; answer EWB e-mail or direct them to the right place; send EWB-wide e-mails; listen to GoogleVoice messages; and maintain member lists and listserves."

Outreach - Allison Hitchcock: "Coordinate school presentations; plan off-campus events; communicate w/ Publicity or Project Resources about what is needed for event; and teach people how to teach others and how to present."

Publicity - Becca Mattson: "Design all admin posters as needed; maintain templates for project posters, edit them when altered; manage press releases; manage Facebook and Twitter; and put out Monthly Update questions, design monthly newsletters."

Fundraising - Sami Meyer: "Maintain chapter sponsor database; manage grants, edit and submit them; manage thank-yous; hold weekly fundraising committee meetings; manage YEC campaign; manage SSF grant submittal; and initiate, develop, and retain corporate, public, and individual sponsors."

Finances – Luke Styles: "Initiate disbursement of funds from accounts; facilitate reimbursements for projects and EWB-USA UMN members; develop and maintain organizational budgets; lead audits and finance reviews as required; maintain finance SOPs and ensure all members are up to date on how to use them; communicate w/ Fundraising about donations; deal with cash advances; and be the point person for contact with accountants (aka Luke should be the only one talking to the accountants)."

Project Resources – John Bartoletta: "Secure, maintain, and organize chapter and project resources; maintain resources database; ensure safe storage of chapter and project pictures, reports, presentations, and other important documents; advance the formation of an “EWB-USA UMN” Chapter Handbook; maintain and organize wiki; maintain e-mail listserves; maintain office electronics; and manage WFA and first aid training."

Project Coordinator - Spencer Borchardt: "Work with project leads to lay out timeline of project and set internal deadlines for documents; attend all project meetings on a practical, regular basis; organize meetings for/with project leaders and teams, including practice TAC presentations; and enable sufficient and ensure proper submittal of project documents."

Vice President – Jesse Kasim: "Manage internal relations of EWB-UMN; identify and resolve conflicts within chapter; arrange executive board meetings; and assist other EWB-UMN officers as needed."

President – Kelly Stifter: "Oversee external relations, fundraising, finances; meet with faculty advisors; maintain contacts with CSE, SUA, EWB-USA, and other affiliated organizations; and be official contact for the chapter."


Documents and Forms