Bugonzi Individual Homes Project Meeting Minutes 29 January 2013

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Bugonzi Individual Homes Project Minutes
Date: Jan. 29 2013
Time: 7:00PM
Location: STSS ??



15 people


Overview of Assessment Trip!

  • Community were excited and willing to cooperate
  • Chose two houses
  • Block/Brick tank
  • Yasin approached us about becoming the businessman
  • Money: 400,000 ~$250 for 2,000
    • Will be tight
    • Hopefully can increase the size
    • They wanted 8,000 L

Talked to Peter W:

  • Talk to structural engineer
  • Waterfall data-recalculate
  • Need to be clearer with our rainfall data

Action Item Review

Discuss first flush-self cleaning preferably Circular vs. square tank

Discuss Travel for the summer march 10th deadline

Volunteering: Jane has 4 contacts, but needs people or someone to type up letter/ general info on our chapter and what we have done

Progress Reports

Action Items

Will send out the 525 instructions Next week-First Flush Ideas Look up grants

Fundraising: if we don’t raise enough money you will not be able to travel

3 groups:

  • Gutter group
  • Tank group
  • First Flush group