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{{Infobox Minutes
{{Infobox Minutes
|name=Bugonzi Individual Homes Project
|name=Bugonzi Individual Homes Project
|date=Jan. 29 2013
|date=Feb. 12 2013
|place=STSS 131A
|place=STSS 131A

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Bugonzi Individual Homes Project Minutes
Date: Feb. 12 2013
Time: 7:00PM
Location: STSS 131A



15 people


Fundraising-Grant due Feb 28th

Action Item Review

  • 525 needs to be filled out, it is due in 4 weeks, due march 11th.
  • E-mail Jane about info in e-mail and look for final document.
  • Gutter first flush-the slanted mesh was decided the best choice out of all of the designs found.

Progress Reports

Action Items

  • John- transferring the info from 524
  • Reed- edit executive summary
  • Collin- Edit introduction, program background
  • Kristin/Josh-facility design paragraph; gutters and first flush
  • Reed/Stephanie-tank design paragraph
  • Sam-project ownership
  • PENDING-construction plan
  • Reed/Max-sustainability plan
  • Jane-Landscape Architecture
  • Jeff-Mentor writing
  • Kristina-monitoring, current and past
  • Stephanie-site assessment/community
  • Richie will walk around and smooze the professional engineers at her scholarship dinner.

Get a letter from EWB saying that they are not liable for what they helped us with.

Christine-rainfall data calculations

Fundraising: if we don’t raise enough money you will not be able to travel