Bugonzi Individual Homes Project

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Uganda - Bugonzi School Rain Water Harvesting System Subgroup
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Meeting Location: STSS 131A

The Bugonzi Individual homes project formed last year as a branch of the Uganda School project. Our goal is to devise a system for rainwater individual households in Bugonzi, Uganda. Eventually, we hope that someone in the community will be able to start a business using our design. We will implement this system Summer of 2013.

Meeting Minutes

Current Project

Action Items

Fundraising Plug: if we don’t raise enough money you will not be able to travel

Stephanie will e-mail the new guidelines for the 525. Deciding on:

  • the tank height
  • Chicken wire? Supports?
  • Try to minimize the amount of mortar

needed to lower the cost.

  • Gutters, inflow/outflow



  • 525!
  • Plans for travel including buying plane tickets and supplies
  • In summer, we will travel to Uganda to implement our project!



521 for Assessment Trip

Old Document Repository for Uganda

Summer 2012 Price List