Bugonzi Individual Homes Project

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Uganda - Bugonzi School Rain Water Harvesting System Subgroup
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Meeting Location: STSS 131A

The Bugonzi Individual homes project formed last year as a branch of the Uganda School project. Our goal is to devise a system for rainwater individual households in Bugonzi, Uganda. Eventually, we hope that someone in the community will be able to start a business using our design. We will implement this system Summer of 2013.

Meeting Minutes

Current Project

Action Items

Fundraising Plug: if we don’t raise enough money you will not be able to travel

EWB national is coming in next Thursday and are willing to stop by personal groups so we will be changing our time next week to Thursday at 7:00 along with the normal Tuesday 7:00 time.

  • Drawings and measurements for the gutter design
  • Finish grant paragraphs and 522.
  • Continue work on 525
  • Decide on
    • tank size
    • dry set?
    • how gutters enter tank
    • spigot and outflow
    • how to fit filter into inflow pipe



  • 525!
  • Plans for travel including buying plane tickets and supplies
  • In summer, we will travel to Uganda to implement our project!


521 for Assessment Trip

Old Document Repository for Uganda

Summer 2012 Price List